GIANTS 2024 PUMA Indigenous Guernsey- Adult

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Maaluga Ngarriylanha 
Sitting as One, by Kayleb Waters 

Designed by proud Gomeroi man Kayleb Waters, the GIANTS’ 2024 Indigenous jumper is named Maaluga Ngarriylanha - Sitting as One - and tells the story of unity and the leadership the GIANTS take in reconciliation and moving forward as one. 
Featuring an artistic kangaroo/bandaar inside the trademark ‘G’ on the front of the jumper, the sacred animal symbolises the strength and patience we need as a nation to move forward as one. 

The circular shapes and line work displayed on the jumper represent all of mother earth’s wisdom and knowledge and connection to country. 

The orange circles depicted on the jumper, which represent people gathering and sitting around, symbolises the communities that the GIANTS have impacted with their initiatives and the journey as one to maintain the survival and nourishment of our country. 

The tracks and grids featured on the jumper symbolise the path that the GIANTS are taking with local communities to build connections and relationships as they overcome obstacles to maintain a journey as one. 

(No reviews yet) Write a Review