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General Auction Terms and Conditions

How Giants Shop Auctions Work

To bid on an item you must register by creating a Giants Shop account and be logged in.

Reserve Price

If the item that is up for auction has a reserve price, that reserve price will be listed on that item, and it will not be sold unless the bidding reaches the minimum price - namely reserved price.

Bid increments

A bid increment is an amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is outbid.

Auto, or incremental bidding






Reserve Price $100
This is the minimum sale price. Automatic increments above this are $10
Steve $250 Yes $100
Steve kicks off at the Reserve price
Mary 200 No $200
Mary's bid pushes the price up but does not take auction lead
Steve $250 Yes $210
Steve's auto-bid out bids Mary by the bid increment
John 250 No $250
John's attempted bid increases the auction price to $250, but he does not become the auction leader
Steve $250 Yes $250
Steve's auto bid Over-rides John's amount and wins as Steve’s auto bid was entered earlier and increased by the Auto-increment

The auto bid function allows you to set a maximum affordable price so that when you are not able to watch the auction proceedings, the Giants Shop auction system auto bids for you until the value of your auto bid is reached.

You will be notified via your assigned email login account when your Auto bid has been outbid.

The auto bid will automatically bid up by the amount equal to the minimum bid increments (The web page displays the next minimum bid increment, of the live bid amount). Please take care when setting an auto bid, as once your auto bid is placed, it cannot be altered or withdrawn.

What if two bidders, bid the same amount?

If two bidders bid the same amount, then the earliest bid will take precedence.

You may pay less than your bid if you win.

When you bid on an auction the amount you may have to pay could be a small amount more than the next Highest bid-even if your bid was hundreds of dollars more than the live bid amount. The amount you bid is subject to auto bid increases.

Retracting your bid

Once a bid has been placed it cannot be retracted.

Auction times

Once the publicised closing time of an Giants Shop, auction is reached, the auction will cease and the highest bidder is the winner. There are no time extensions on any Giants Shop auction.

What happens if I win an auction?

If you are the highest bidder at the close of an auction on Giants Shop you will receive a notification soon after the close, where you check out and pay for the item/s. Once receiving the email you can go to 'my account' page and can buy the auction using the Normal check out process.

You will also receive an email to the email address you nominated when you created your Giants Shop login. This email will contain a 'my account' link (once clicked) will return you to the Giants Shop login, whereupon you can make your payment for the item/s.

What happens if I win an auction, fail to pay?

If you are the winning bidder and do not pay for the item within 3 business days after the Auction close & 'You won the auction' confirmation email, Giants Shop reserves the right to offer the auction item either to the next highest bidder or to re-auction the item. We will notify the other unsuccessful bidders that the item is again up for auction. The Giants Shop is under no obligation to inform winning bidders who don't or cannot pay when and if the item in question is placed back on Giants Shop either for sale or auction.

Is shipping included in my bid amount?

No, shipping costs are not included in the winning bid price.

Does shipping occur straight after the auction?

No, some auction items need to be processed through the club and/or receive the AFLPA certificate to uphold the integrity of the items, it could take the period of a month or greater before they can be shipped.

Eligibility to participate

You must be able to form legally binding contracts to use the Giants Shop auction feature. This means you must not use the Giants Shop auction feature if you:

a. are under 18 years of age;

b. an undischarged bankrupt; or

c. under any type of insolvency administration.

Your obligations

  • When you use the Giants Shop auction feature to bid at an online auction, you are making an offer to buy the item at your bid price. If your bid price is the winning bid at the conclusion of an auction you must purchase the item you have bid for plus any additional charges that you may be obliged to pay. Shipping costs are added to the winning bid price.

  • Winning bid prices are GST inclusive

  • Please take care when making a bid as once your bid is placed, it cannot be withdrawn.

  • It is your responsibility to read the product information relating to any item listed for auction.

  • Please do not rely solely on the title summary or any photographs of the item posted in this auction as a complete description of an item. If a photograph is provided, please use it as a guide only.

  • You must not engage in bid manipulation.